I get a great deal of pleasure in helping people who have been dealing with pain and have no idea how to solve the problem.

In fact, I love it when people come to me because I am the “last resort”.  They’ve tried everything else, and someone suggests that I might be able to help them.

I never understood the term “defining moment” until a lady came into my office early on in my career with tears in her eyes because she was in constant pain and couldn’t seem to get any help.  When she left, smiling, she said “you’ve given me hope”.  As she walked down the hall, I was the one with tears in my eyes.  From that day forward I vowed to learn all I could about helping others to feel better.

I have studied with many great therapists all over the U.S..  Aaron Mattes taught me active isolated stretching.  Doug Nelson taught me Precision Neuromuscular Therapy.  James Waslaski taught me Orthopedic Massage.  Erik Dalton taught me Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques.  There are many others who have contributed to my success.  I can’t describe the satisfaction I that I get from my work.

Some of the most rewarding experiences I have had have been when my client says “I guess it’s time for me to start taking better care of myself”.  If I never see them again I feel like I have made a difference not only for them, but for all of their loved ones.

Fred Engel is a nationally certified massage therapist, licensed in the State of Missouri, extensively trained in the techniques of myofascial release, precision neuromuscular therapy, trigger point release, active isolated stretching techniques, sports massage, orthopedic massage treatment and myoskeletal alignment. Past V.P. and member of the Missouri chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association.