I went to Fred for a sore muscle in my arm. It hurt so bad it was hard to hold a phone or a tooth brush. During a one hour session Fred made my arm pain free. I can’t sing his praises enough.


Springfield, MO

We have been clients of Fred’s for several years and he’s helped us with a variety of issues related to  our backs, necks, knees, hips and just about anything

that gets out of whack and hurts.  We’ve always found him to be extremely knowledgeable and he seems to know just what to do to correct whatever problem we are having at the time.  We’d highly recommend him to anyone who has the aches and pains of normal day to day life or more serious problems

J.C. and G.C.

Springfield, MO

Before I started coming to see Fred I was seeing my chiropractor about once a week for a hip that hurt all the time. He made me realize that flexibility was the key to true health. Between Fred and my own stretching I’m feeling better than I have in years. My golf game has improved greatly. Thank you so much!


Springfield, MO

Fred was recommended to me by a friend several years ago and I have been coming every two weeks  since then. I had surgery for a bulging disc 4 years ago and he has made such a difference in my back not to mention my body as a whole. I highly recommend Fred to anyone for body wellness!


Springfield, MO

I came to Fred when it looked like my only ‘option’ was surgery on my neck. I had numbness into my right arm and fingers. Fred was very intuitive, encouraging, and expert at knowing how to work through my issues; after a few visits, the numbness was gone, he had given my nerve release, and I continue to see him regularly for maintenance of this issue. Fred is not a massage therapist. He is more than that. He is a “body manager”, understands how the body works, and is expert at doing what he can, within his methods of practice, to get a person back to a pain free, functional state. While I know the condition I have is still there, Fred’s work has eliminated its impact, in my life, and I’m very grateful for his work. I’d recommend Fred to anybody with issues of muscular or nerve pain.


Springfield, MO

Fred is amazing!  I came to him after a year of 21 steroid shots in my spine and hips, three rounds of physical therapy and aqua therapy.  I was being treated for piriformis syndrome and bursitis in both hips.  Thanks to Fred my symptoms are almost completely gone.  I have my life back at a fraction of the cost of the previous year.


Marshfield, MO